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In der vergangenen Woche hospitierte Qadeer einen Tag bei uns. Eigentlich macht er gerade ein Praktikum bei einer Versicherungsagentur, wollte aber auch über den Tellerrand schauen und andere Branchen kennenlernen. Wir sprachen über Content-Marketing und schauten uns verschiedene Projekte von textbest an. Dann fragte ich, ob er gerne schreibt und vielleicht einen Blog für uns verfassen würde. Und das tat er. Vielen Dank, Qadeer!

Hospitation bei textbest

My name is Qadeer Ahmad. I am 32 years old. I came from Pakistan. I have done Master Degree with specialization of Finance. I have worked 4 years in Habib Bank Limited as an Assistant Manager. I worked there in different department but especially in Risk Management Department.

During my studies I was the only person who had to support his own family. I have two sisters and one brother. I am the youngest one. To look after my family and my study I worked as a hawker in streets. I had started that when I was just 13 years old. I had to sell a product called Gole Gappy, which is very famous in Pakistan. I had done this work approximately 10 years. And during this I had passed my School, College and University exams.

Its looks quite easy but during this all journey I had to face a lot of big problems. For example, my first but ever big loss of my father’s death because of Cancer when I was just 14 years old. After some times, my elder brother caught tuberculosis (TB). But these hurdles and problems gave me always a great courage of life. I was never disappointed from my life and happy to accept all as will of God.

When I had finished my Master Degree I got a job in a bank. After that I worked very hard and got two promotion during my four years job. It looked like that I can give everything to my family what they want. And I had done all my best to make them happy. And then my mother caught in Cancer disease. We have done all effort to save the life of our beloved mom but after the four months of her disease she could not live long and died.  It was not ending here, after this great grief I got some very personal problems and then I gave up my efforts. I left my job because of my problems (which unfortunately I cannot subscribe here in this article).

I moved to another city and found a very good job again. But problems accumulated and I decided to leave the country. In January 2015, I left Pakistan and started my journey to Germany. 6th of February 2015, I reached in Germany and put myself as an Asylum seeker.

Now I am trying to rebuild my life again. For that purpose my first priority is to learn German Language. Currently, I have passed my B1 exam and next I wish to get admission in B2 to make my German better to find a good and prospectus future. This is all about my me.

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